In the Community

At KLA Schools of Plainfield, community means the environment and surroundings we live in our life moments which includes the classroom, school, home, our town, our nation as well as the world. Our school’s vision is to leave traces in the community by nurturing young minds to be caring, responsible citizens and future leaders.

Community is also foundational to the educational philosophy developed in Reggio Emilia, Italy post World War II. There, under the guidance of educator Loris Malaguzzi, parents of the surrounding villages founded schools dedicated to the principles of respect, responsibility, and community through exploration and discovery in a supportive and enriching environment based on the interests of the children through a self-guided curriculum.

Community Outreach

We foster the tradition of building community awareness within children. We give our students the experience to discuss, collaborate and give their solution for opportunities and challenges faced in our community. For example, our students learn by discussing ways to have a Green Community, discuss how to address the traffic during construction in public roads.

Our leadership team reaches out to the larger community through collaborations, attending village town hall meetings, spreading the news of our unique approach to early childhood education as we take our responsibility of nurturing young minds seriously and sincere in our efforts.


Community Involvement & Partnership

KLA Schools is partnering with local communities and leaders to bring meaningful, interactive experiences to our students.

Community Professionals & Leaders Visit
Exhibiting Students work

Frequent visits from community professionals & leaders help our students learn about leadership, real world careers, the importance of education and community involvement.

We foster recognizing students exceptional work by exhibiting their work in the community.

Unity in Diversity Culture
Will County Earth Award Recipient

We educate students about the similarities and differences to people and provide learning opportunities to understand and appreciate diversity in our culture.

Will county Land use department’s Resource Recovery and Energy division recognizes our school for our efforts in Waste Reduction and Recycling Excellence.

Our Social Responsibility

As part of our philosophy and educational approach, we believe it is essential to make visible that fact that each child knows and understands that we all have social responsibility starting from caring our environment and for the people around us. We have different ways of thinking, a fact we embrace. In fulfilling this vision, KLA Schools of Plainfield has formed relationships with organizations to further enhance our student’s experience. Read more about our involvement with the following foundations:

Nanhi Kali |
Save the Children

These organizations help children in need across the globe get education and give a healthy start to their future. Each of KLA Schools classroom has a child that they sponsor to whom they communicate and write letters.

Northern Illinois Food Bank

Each year KLA Schools of Plainfield participates in conducting a food drive to raise awareness about local hunger, and support Northern Illinois Food bank in their effort to fight hunger.

Toys for Tots

KLA Schools of Plainfield is a Toy for Tots location during the holiday, so that families in need can have presents for their children.

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