2020-2021 school year graduation ceremony

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FOR IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE Naperville, IL – June 11th, 2021 – The KLA Schools of Naperville and Plainfield have just completed the 2020-2021 school year graduation ceremonies for the class of the fours and kindergarten.  Both events were hosted in person this year in contrast with last year’s remote Zoom event.  Both schools rented venues to accommodate more family members and to have the ability to space people apart a little more.  Heather Fugate, the school principal at the Naperville school, said, “We divided the usual one celebration with both age groups into two ceremonies this year. It worked wonderfully, and the parents were ecstatic to be able to attend in person.  The outpouring of positive feedback was heart-warming and went in hand with the general feeling that things are starting to take a turn for the better.”

The completion of the school year also marks the beginning of the summer camp program. This year the theme is the enchantments of nature, and the schools have many fun experiences planned for the children.  Admissions director Carrie Hemmer added that “this includes field trips outside the school this year for the older children; this was not possible last year due to the pandemic. We are incredibly pleased to be able to do this in a modified way this year.  The children will be mainly visiting outdoor spaces and enjoying their natural surroundings. This ensures that we are not putting the children in situations where they are likely to encounter large groups of people in closed spaces.  So far, the children are thrilled just to be leaving the building and going on the bus.”

Erica Koegel, the school principal at the Plainfield school, shared that they will also be doing an organic gardening project.  She said, “every year, we start growing seeds inside and transfer them outdoors when possible.  This year we have many fruits, vegetables, and flowers growing steadily in the gardens. This year the children chose watermelon, peppers, cucumber, tomato, and eggplant, among many beautiful flowers such as Zinnia and Delphinium.  We call this process seed to table because the children grow, harvest, and even eat some of the things they grow.”

Selvei Rajkumar, the managing director of the schools, said, “Between field trips, special visitors, gardening, and splash days, the children will have a wonderful summer.  They deserve to have some fun and normalcy put back into their lives despite how resilient they have been through this pandemic.

Although the pandemic is starting to subside, the schools are still carefully monitoring guidance. Carrie Hemmer, the health and safety spokesperson for KLA, says, “We are committed to ongoing top-notch health and safety practices for as long as necessary.  We will continue to follow the CDC guidelines and keep and follow any changes announced from Governor Pritzker, the CDC, and DCFS.”

KLA has open enrollment right now and is offering personalized virtual and in-person Saturday visits by appointment.  Please contact Carrie Hemmer, our admissions director, to schedule a visit to the schools.


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