4th Annual Science Fair at KLA Schools of Plainfield

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STEAM Fair 2018 KLA Schools of Plainfield

KLA Schools of Plainfield hosted their fourth annual Science Fair to provide the opportunity for students to explore and test their curiosity using the scientific method and engineering process. Events such as this strengthen families’ involvement and bring awareness to the community and global issues.

KLA Schools of Plainfield hosted its fourth annual STEAM Fair on February 23, 2018. The team at KLA Schools believe that children are natural born scientists and that they have a natural curiosity about the world. At KLA children are encouraged to have open-ended experiences, encounters, and learning which allows them to engage in the world as scientists by exploring, experimenting, testing and repeating and processing everything that they experience. Their annual STEAM fair is the time that they recognize and encourage children to use the scientific method to explore science, technology, engineering, art, and math. According to Elbert Einstein, “Creativity is intelligence having fun!” The STEAM fair celebrates a child’s creativity, strengthens family involvement, and ties into the community and global issues.

KLA Schools students, families, and educators worked together to create displays to showcase the learning process they discovered by using the scientific method and engineering process. Ms. Morgan, the Pedagogical Coordinator & Admissions Director said “There were over twenty students that presented on individual or group projects and had children as young as two years old participate.  Also, each classroom presented their experiments that they had been working on weeks prior. The Toddlers explored color mixing; the two-year-old’s conducted interactive science experiments in their classes including hopping corn and velocity. The 3’s, 4’s, Kindergarten, and School-age children demonstrated on a variety of experiments related to their interests and project study including slime, architecture, weather, sound waves, marble runs, and volcanos.”.

Each family received a STEAM Challenge card where they had to visit each of the classrooms, and upon completing their exploration, the classroom teachers would punch a hole in their card. One of the challenges was visiting the Atelier. KLA Schools’ Innovative Computing Teacher, Ms. Roopali encouraged children as young as three to interact and explore technology. The children used ScratchJr, a visual programming language developed by MIT, building on skills including visual programming/coding, comprehension, knowledge of story elements, device knowledge, troubleshooting, and problem-solving.

The children, their families, and the KLA Schools team had a memorable experience at the STEAM fair. The fair nurtured the children’s curiosity, boosted their self-esteem, and love of learning, all while having fun! Each participant left with a STEAM Fair Certificate, STEAM Fair Participant Ribbon and a huge smile on their face.

To be competitive and keep up with this changing global economy, KLA Schools believes that we must encourage and provide children with the opportunity to explore technology, engineering, the arts, and math. KLA Schools of Plainfield’s vision is to leave traces in the community by nurturing young minds to be respectful, caring citizens, and leaders. The encouragement that we provide at an early age can inspire a child to become an engineer, physicists, scientist, biologist, doctor, astronaut, or mathematician.

About KLA Schools of Plainfield

At KLA Schools, everyone believes that all children have the right to high-quality education and Early childhood education is crucial to lifelong success for children in whatever dreams they wish to pursue as they grow.

It is one of the reasons KLA Schools of Plainfield utilizes the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education and development, which has been heralded as one of the best programs in the world and was featured by CNN and Newsweek magazine.. As one of the most respected early childhood educational establishments in the North Plainfield/ South Naperville area, your child will be launching into life with enthusiasm and excitement.

If you would like more information about KLA School’s STEAM Fair or programs offered by KLA Schools of Plainfield, please contact Morgan Sartain at 815-617-9552 or email at plainfield@klaschools.com