A Celebration of KLA Schools of Plainfield Talent!

Rathika Subramanian

A Celebration of KLA Schools of Plainfield Talent

August 16th, 2018

(Plainfield, Illinois) The students of KLA Schools took the spotlight at our first talent show. In sparkly star sunglasses, the Class of the 3s took the stage as the crowd fell quiet under the stage lights of a local church near the school on a Wednesday evening.

While some of the two-year-olds first appeared to be nervous, their nerves quickly disappeared as they stood tall on the stage and belted out the lyrics to their first song. They started with a classic, “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” The choice of song was ironic since little stars were what they proved to be on that stage, shining brightly in front of their parents, grandparents, siblings, and family friends.

Their teacher, Ms. Bianca said after their performance, “We have spent so many days and hours practicing our songs and dance moves. They all worked so hard! I knew that some of them would be nervous, but I am so proud of all of them for getting up there and being so confident in front of everyone.”

Next to perform the Class of the 4s. They did their rendition of “Bringing Home a Baby Butterfly.” Ms. Tiffany introduced the song by saying “One of the projects last year was about insects, and the children have learned to respect insects inside and outside of the school. In this song, there is a sweet message about letting the butterfly go and watching it fly.” The four-year-olds sang with all their might and ensured that even the audience in the very back row could hear them loud and clear!

Sofia Gervasi, 7, Jewell Nelson, 6, and Brianna Lentz, 6, all wowed the crowd with solo performances. Sofia performed an interpretive dance to the “Frozen” soundtrack. Jewell performed a song and dance titled “The Papaya Song” that she learned at a vocal camp over the summer. Brianna takes piano lessons through PM Music Center at KLA Schools. All of her afternoons on the keyboard prepared her for the performance. The crowd called for an encore, and Brianna played another beautiful song.

The talent show also included group performances from our School Age students. They had been practicing all summer in our Piazza. They took the stage with ease and excitement and were ready to rock it. They performed “It’s a Hard-Knock Life,” a hip-hop routine, and an original KLA Camp song. Ms. Ronda, our summer camp teacher, said, “Even if not all of our students grow up and become dancers, singers, or in the performing arts. This experience still builds upon some very important skills. Performing and getting up on stage in front of an audience takes a lot of dedication, courage, and confidence. The future leaders of KLA Schools will be able to give presentations, speak in front of large groups, and be confident in other future endeavors.”

KLA Schools of Plainfield is a private, independent Reggio Emilia inspired school, educating students from birth through Kindergarten since 2013. Reggio Emilia inspired schools to use an approach developed in Italy that focuses on Topic-driven, in-depth Research-based learning and a curriculum that emerges based on student interests. Instruction encourages students to communicate their thinking through a myriad of expressive languages, as demonstrated in the graduation program. By incorporating and combining the use of natural environments and a nurturing atmosphere, children are provided with the best opportunities in education for their young minds.

If you would like more information about KLA Schools or programs offered by KLA Schools of Plainfield, please contact Morgan Sartain at 815-617-9552 or email at admissions@klaschoolsplainfield.com.