KLA Schools of Plainfield 2018 Graduation Ceremony

Rathika Subramanian

KLA Schools of Plainfield 2018 Graduation Ceremony

June 12, 2018

(Plainfield, Illinois) Kindergarten students at KLA Schools of Plainfield received their diploma at the 2018 Graduation Program & Commencement Ceremony, held at the Christ Community Church of Plainfield in S Van Dyke Rd, Plainfield on Saturday, June 2, 2018. KLA Schools’ 5th Graduation Ceremony was filled with joy as families, friends, and educators came to celebrate an important milestone and memories.

The program featured a number of student performances, including performing their songs and poems and everyone enjoyed the video of the journey throughout the school year. We are so proud of everyone’s accomplishments they made throughout the school year.  A video presentation demonstrated the skills the class learned during the school year.

“Some of you have traveled with us since infancy and some friends joined a little later.  I hope it was a wonderful, exciting journey where you have learned not just the ABCs, but also how to interact with people, understand your passion and live by core values. I want you to aim high. Maybe one day you can find a cure for terminal illnesses, leverage today’s artificial intelligence technology and improve the quality of life for everyone, be a leader in the area that you choose to excel, give back to the community and most importantly take good care of your Parents, Grand Parents who worked very hard out of love for you and gave you the best possible learning environment in your early years.   Congratulations to you all!” said Ms. Selvei, the Managing Director of KLA Schools of Plainfield while addressing our young graduates.

“Congratulations to our 2018 graduates, we will miss you, but we are so grateful that we have been part of your lives, we are sad but will remember all the wonderful memories and know that your future is bright,” said Ms. Erica, School Principal of KLA Schools of Plainfield.

KLA Schools of Plainfield is a private, independent Reggio Emilia inspired school, educating students from birth through Kindergarten since 2013. Reggio Emilia inspired schools to use an approach developed in Italy that focuses on Topic-driven, Research-based learning and a curriculum that emerges based on student interests. Instruction encourages students to communicate their thinking through a myriad of expressive languages, as demonstrated in the graduation program. By incorporating and combining the use of natural environments and a nurturing atmosphere, children are provided with the best opportunities in education for their young minds.

If you would like more information about KLA Schools or programs offered by KLA Schools of Plainfield, please contact Erica Koegel at 815-671-9552 or email at Plainfield@klaschools.com.