KLA Schools students are passionate about giving back to their community

Rathika Subramanian

KLA Schools of Plainfield gives pajamas and books

Plainfield, IL (December 14, 2018) – For the last five years, KLA Schools of Plainfield has been passionate about giving back to their community. They have participated in coat drives, shoe drives, book drives, and donated to various organizations including the Gift of Adoption and M.P. Foundation.

This year the students and their families at KLA Schools held a food drive and donated the items to Loaves & Fishes Community Services our of Naperville IL.  Last year Loaves & Fishes provided 4,083,105 lbs. of food to support 18,798 people from 4,789 different families. Their mission is to create a future where families who are experiencing difficulties get support with the resources they need to improve their lives, overcome barriers, and become self-sufficient.

Lead by KLA Schools Class of 3sA and the School Age Program; the food drive was a competition to see which side of the building could donate the greatest amount of food to help the largest number of people. At the end of each week, the three-year-olds would count the items donated. The school-age students took the weight of the donated items. Both classrooms reported the numbers to the school’s Leadership team.

The Principal of KLA Schools said, “Each year and for every event, the students and their families’ surpass my expectations. It is amazing how thoughtful everyone is and how invested they are to their community. Our parents are setting an unbelievable example for their children.”

The Class of the 3sA presented the food for the representatives from Loaves & Fishes and the school-age students helped to load the donation. The donation included 279.40 lbs. of canned food, boxed food, and toiletries items.

Ms. Morgan, the school’s Pedagogical Co-Coordinator said, “The Class of the 3s have been interested in and studying families, culture, and diversity. Not only have they learned about the family dynamics amongst themselves, but they have had many discussions about families going through struggles and at times not having money or food. The students in the 3sA class, along with the other students in the school, have been so eager to help and give back. It simply amazes me how such small bodies can have such big thoughts and even bigger hearts.”

About KLA Schools

KLA Schools of Plainfield is one of the leading preschools throughout Illinois. Utilizing the Reggio Emilia approach to education, each of their students explores the world around them at their own pace, with the guidance and direction of highly skilled, trained, and compassionate teachers. This school understands the vitality of early learning and continues to strive to remain a leader in early education. Helping children build a powerful foundation for their future school years, KLA Schools provides a comfortable, safe, and exciting learning environment children are eager to return to day after day.