Rathika Subramanian

Cultural Month KLA Schools of Plainfield

For the second year, KLA Schools has hosted an event to showcase each other’s unique context and wealth of diversity amongst its educators, families, and students. Throughout the entire month of March, the students “traveled” across the globe exploring the diverse perspectives, heritages, and values of their peers. The Owner and Managing Director at KLA Schools of Plainfield, Selvei Rajkumar, stated “The involvement in celebrating diversity by our Parents, Grandparents, and Teachers touches our hearts. As one of our parents said, we all are more alike than we are different. KLA Schools of Plainfield’ Cultural month experiences are to instill those values in our students. It also provides our students, a venue to appreciate and celebrate diverse perspectives, heritage, and values.”

To jump-start Cultural week, KLA Schools sent out a school-wide survey to learn more about the students, their families, and the staff. Many took this opportunity to share their personal experiences. Ms. Erica, the school principal, shared her family’s personal story, “Growing up I did not know much about my culture because my great-grandparents faced many challenges of people accepting the Mexican culture. They encouraged their children and their families to speak English and only to speak Spanish and celebrate our culture at home and not in public. It is unfortunate that we were embarrassed by our Mexican Heritage, this event is an excellent opportunity for the children and families to share their culture and for all of us to come together, learn, and celebrate!”

KLA Schools encouraged their staff and family to showcase their cultures and heritages in the grand Piazza at the school; there were many family displays including traditional clothing, books in various languages, pictures from different countries, and artifacts representing customs, rituals, and traditions. Many families proudly displayed their flags. There were flags from Italy, Moldova, Scotland, Mexico, India, Pakistan, and more!

The highlight of the week was the KLA Schools Cultural Night hosted down the street at a local church in Plainfield. Each of the classrooms steadily practiced songs and dances in various languages. They performed those songs and dances for all their families and friends. Ms. Erica, who also leads the school’s Art and Humanities Committee said, “Children develop a sense of themselves, and that is why we learn about and celebrate the different cultures that are part of our school. This year with the help of the families and educators on the committee, we were able to enhance our celebration by hosting an event at Christ Community Church. During the event, we had over seven different classroom performances where they performed songs and dances in English, Spanish, Lithuanian, and other languages. We also had a mother and son duo sing an Indian lullaby, an individual song performed by a four-year-old in Romanian, and the big performance was a group of the families from Moldova danced with the children, there was also a school-wide performance where everyone sang It’s a Small World written by the Sherman Brothers. After the performances, all the families came together to try different dishes from different cultures.”

The month of experiences empowers students to participate in learning about a variety of communities in a fun and exciting way, which leaves a positive impact and lasting respect for one another.
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