Cultural week Celebrations at KLA Schools of Plainfield

Rathika Subramanian

Consulate- General of Japan Visit to KLA Schools Plainfield

“We believe understanding our differences as well as our common interests, helps unite and educate us. KLA Schools’ Cultural week experiences exactly do that. It provides our community, especially our students, a venue to appreciate and celebrate diverse perspectives, heritage and values” expressed the Owner and Managing Director at KLA Schools of Plainfield. During Cultural week students at KLA “traveled” across the world to learn more about the unique context with a wealth of diversity amongst its parents, children, and its educators.

To jump-start Cultural week, each of the classrooms transformed into a different continent on the globe, North American, South American, Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, and Africa. The children researched each continent by learning about the different landmarks, immersing themselves into a variety of customs, discussing ethnic food, trying on clothing, and practicing authentic traditions from different areas.

As a school, they also celebrate each student’s unique cultural heritage by showcasing displays about families’ different customs, rituals, and traditions. They also had a Cultural Parade where the children proudly wore their traditional clothing, held up different Countries flags, props, and more. Ms. Erica, the school principal, said “There were many different meaningful items for our families and students to see. Some including a Kalasam from India, a beautiful piece used during a Hindu wedding, a piece of pottery from Bulgaria that is used to call birds, a rain stick from Mexico, and a variety of bilingual books from different areas of the world including Italy and Pakistan.”

The highlight of the week was during the cultural visit from Ms. Julianna and Ms. Amy who were from the Consulate- General of Japan in Chicago. Ms. Carrie, the Assistant Principal, said “The experience was something that the students will remember for years to come. There was storytelling in Japanese translated into English, Koto Demo which is a Japanese musical instrument, Kaleidoscopes, and other Japanese toys. The children loved the kaleidoscopes so much; it was difficult to get them to stop looking through them when them when it was time for Ms. Julianna and Ms. Amy to leave!

The week of experiences empowers students to participate in learning about a variety of communities in a fun and exciting way, which leaves a positive impact and lasting respect for one another.

About KLA Schools of Plainfield

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