Oh My Mud! KLA Schools of Plainfield celebrating International Mud Day!

Rathika Subramanian

KLA Schools of Plainfield International Mud Day!

July 5th,  2018

(Plainfield, Illinois) It was a treat for our children at KLA Schools of Plainfield to beat their feet in the mud and celebrate International Mud day on 29th of June 2018. The children got opportunities to explore muddy art. There were tables set up with inviting provocations with bowls of mud to scoop mud from containers, create models using molds, mud pies, and paint their imaginations especially for the ones who didn’t want to get muddy. For the adventurous, we had a plastic play pool full of mud to wallow in!

This year mud day at KLA Schools of Plainfield was filled with an endless amount of messy fun, and as they say, “The most memorable days end in the dirtiest clothes!” The night before International Mud Day our leadership team set up mud provocations outside. The provocations included a mud kitchen, seeds, and shovels for planting, paper and paint brushes for mud painting, baby pools full of mud with loose parts, and more! When the first group went out on our Nature Explore Outdoor classroom they were amazed, and it didn’t take long before they all were elbow deep in the mud. Some of the children were a little timid to get messy at first, but eventually, they all were covered from head to toe. It became a contest on who could get the dirtiest, it was hard to determine who the winner was since they were all covered in it. Even our teachers enjoyed the mud as they stomped and danced right along with the children. Since it was a very hot day, we had the sprinklers out as well.

The children loved that they were able to run through the sprinkler to rinse the mud off, then jump right back in the mud pools. As mud day concluded and our week came to an end, the children were excited to share with parents about the day at pick up. One of the students told his mom, “I got mud in my hair, on my clothes, and between my toes, it was everywhere! I had so much fun, I want to do mud day again when we get home!” His mom laughed and turned to our Admissions Director, Ms. Morgan Sartain and said, “Thank you and to the rest of the school for putting this on. He had a great time and will be talking about this for weeks.”

The creators of International Mud Day wanted to find a way to help all of the children of the Earth feel closer to each other…and what a better way to do it than through the Earth itself?. Mud is quintessential to the outdoors, and the outdoors mean fresh air and exercise, two of the best things for people. And so what if we get a little dirty? Plenty of research has shown that coming into contact with a certain amount of bacteria is good for us, as it helps build up immunity, and as opposed to living in a virtually sterile environment, which makes our bodies very vulnerable. Happy International Mud Day!

KLA Schools of Plainfield is a private, independent Reggio Emilia inspired school, educating students from birth through Kindergarten since 2013. Reggio Emilia inspired schools to use an approach developed in Italy that focuses on Topic-driven, Research-based learning and a curriculum that emerges based on student interests. Instruction encourages students to communicate their thinking through a myriad of expressive languages, as demonstrated in the graduation program. By incorporating and combining the use of natural environments and a nurturing atmosphere, children are provided with the best opportunities in education for their young minds.

If you would like more information about KLA Schools or programs offered by KLA Schools of Plainfield, please contact Morgan Sartain at 815-671-9552 or email at Plainfield@klaschools.com.